How is Moonline Property different to high street agents?

The fundamental difference between Moonline Property and high street agency is that we will sell your property for a fraction of the fees they charge (check out our savings calculator). Most agents charge between 1%-2.5% of the sale price you achieve, plus VAT. You can sell through us for as little as £849 inclusive of VAT and we have introduced a competitive no sale, no fee option too. We give our clients a personal service as good as the best high street agent without the high street fees. Your property will be added to the main property search portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location in exactly the same way as with a high street agent. We also offer the flexibility of the MoonHub Centre which gives you 24/7 control of your sale or let. This online facility allows you to monitor incoming offers as well as arrange or cancel viewings without having to wait for your estate agent to do this for you.

Can I sell my home with Moonline Property and other agents at the same time?

With Moonline Property you are free to use other agents if you want to (when using Half Moon and Full Moon packages). There is no increase in our fees if you are using the Half Moon or Full Moon packages. Should you decide to use another agent when you are on the Total Eclipse package, the percentage fee may increase. You can also use us as an additional agent subject to the terms of any existing agency agreement.

Can I do my own viewings and does it cost the same if I prefer to do this?

We know some vendors prefer to show their own properties which we acknowledge and respect, so we offer a Half Moon option for you to carry out your own viewings at a reduced fee. Many of our customers find this an attractive option and a further way to save money (see 'Services, Fees and Savings').

What are the different payment options for selling my house?

There are four different payment packages.

Pay Now - this package requires full payment on the day of instruction.

Pay Monthly – this package allows you to pay your first of 6 equal monthly payments on the day of instruction followed by 5 additional payments on an agreed date every month until all 6 have been paid. If your property is sold either by Moonline Property or another agent prior to the 6-month contract ending, or should you withdraw your property from the market for whatever reason, as per Moonline Property’s Terms and Conditions you will be required to pay any outstanding balance at that time. The final instalment is due 6 months from instruction, or earlier should any of the above scenarios arise.

Pay Later - this package offers the opportunity to defer our fee until your agreed 6-month instruction period is over. However, as per Moonline Property’s Terms and Conditions, you will be legally obliged to pay the full fee upon completion, even if this occurs prior to the end of your 6-month instruction period. Should you decide to withdraw your property from the market for whatever reason, you will be obliged to pay any outstanding balance at that time.

No Sale, No Fee - this package is the same as traditional high street agency but at a lower commission price than you’ll find anywhere on the high street. You will be invoiced on exchange and the payment will be due on completion of the sale.

Do we meet you prior to marketing and do you know my area?

A member of the Moonline Property team (local property experts), will visit your property prior to marketing it. They will give you advice, a market appraisal/valuation of the property for sale and/or a rental figure. This agent will continue to assist you throughout the sales process. Moonline Property agents all have extensive and personal knowledge of your area.

Can I see all of my viewings, feedback and offers?

You can log onto your MoonHub Centre at any time to view a progression progress report. You will be able to access all information with the click of a button. You will see the moment a viewing is booked, feedback provided/requested or an offer made. We will automatically seek feedback from anyone who has viewed your property. We will notify you of all feedback and offer advice to optimize the marketing of your property. Vendors and landlords can accept or reject offers via their MoonHub Centre or we can negotiate with potential buyers on your behalf at no extra cost. We will keep you updated via the MoonHub Centre as the sale progresses. You can also contact your Moonline agent if you have any concerns or questions.


If I have chosen the HALF MOON package (with no viewings) and then decide that I would like a Moonline Property expert to conduct my viewings, is this possible?

If you log into your personal MoonHub Centre and go to the Over the Moon extras section, there is an option to upgrade to unlimited viewings. Check the ‘tick box’ and checkout. Once your payment is confirmed with the upfront cost of £350 you will be eligible for Moonline Property to carry out your viewings.

Who takes the photographs of our property?

At Moonline Property we use professional photographers to take all photographs of your property.

How long does it take for my property to be shown online?

Once you have instructed Moonline Property, we aim to have our photographer contact you and book an appointment within 24 hours. We should receive the photographs within 24 hours of their visit at which point your property will ‘go live’. Your property should be listed within 48-72 hours after instructing us.

Do you cover lettings?

At Moonline Property we offer a lettings service that includes marketing the property on Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location. We offer two pricing packages; Half Moon allows you to conduct your own viewings and if you choose the Full Moon package we will carry out viewings on your behalf.

Does Moonline Property organise contracts, insurance and all legal documents and references once a tenant has been found to rent my property?

Our lettings service operates in much the same way as any high street agent. It is aimed to easily market your property and to find your tenant via our popular and frequently visited website as well as on the Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location search portals. We use and recommend a specialist management company whose role is to protect both the landlord and the tenant. They will provide legal contracts, management options and all the usual documentation, insurances, references and services that you would expect when renting or letting a property. There is an option to speak to this company through your MoonHub Centre before, during and after we have found you your perfect tenant.

Can Moonline Property recommend any other services to assist in our move?

We have many years of expertise in selling property and know some of the best companies to assist you. These include mortgage advisors, solicitors, landscape gardeners, removal companies, interior designers, builders and post-build cleaners. These contacts are all available on your MoonHub Centre.

Are my personal details secure and do you share them with anyone?

Your MoonHub Centre is a secure section on the site which is password protected. Your personal data is not shared unless we are given permission to do so.

Why would your staff continue to assist once they have been instructed?

At Moonline Property we incentivise our staff to make sure your sale has the best chance of completing. A percentage of their commission is paid after the 6 months or once your property has exchanged, giving you peace of mind in the knowledge that we are working as hard as possible for you from start to finish.